About us

Our history

In the beginning, established in San Juan PR as a university assignment, Unique Posh was meant to be an online company. We are very enthusiastic about the company’s new approach which includes various online stores and physical stores as well. Unique Posh offers luxury jewelry, fashionable clothing, colognes, sexy seductive lingerie, organic agricultural health and beauty products online and offline. These products are both functional and beautiful. The company executives continually create cost-effective operations that minimize and mitigate the expenses of inventory by having third-party companies like fragrance X and El Dorado, handle the bulk of manufacturing and shipping of products to the customer. This was the initial approach and even currently being utilized to leverage our very efficient structure. Our online operations are simple, we process the orders and collect payments online. The orders will then be sent to our distributors and or warehouses to be filled and shipped. After securing financing, the company developed over time with the utilization of non debt strategies. The company now fabricates its very own luxury and urban apparel that gleam the “Unique Posh” concept, which is, “profound elegance and style that is functional and “in”. Unique Posh focuses on a vigorous marketing campaign of its products coupled with b2b and business to consumer sales and operations. Key market areas like Los Angeles CA, Chicago IL, and Atlanta GA will be locations that we will look into in-order to establish a dominant physical presence, with various traditional brick and mortar stores across the United States. Coupled with online sales we are positioning ourselves to be front runners in the retail industry. In terms of logistics, locality and Market assessment, this combination of online sales, offline sales, localization and eventually globalization, will be key attributes to a very successful business campaign.


Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one, to present customers with apparel which may include but not limited to jewelry, colognes, clothes, etc. that energizes any activity. Whether it is a family reunion, a wedding, running along the beach, or going to a night club, we will have the apparel to accommodate the customer. Posh Victorias is the brand and Unique Posh is the company... Posh Victorias amazing array of apparel which emphasizes on beauty, comfort, and elegance will not only look wonderful but feel wonderful as well.

The company also sell organic agricultural health and beauty products along with trendy clothing and apparel, such as casual and active wear, head gear, work-out gear, leather coats, and baseball jackets to an international market and b2b consisting of individuals of all ages, from all walks of life. While putting emphasis on our customers, Unique Posh supports the success of its employees, community, and investors, and will conduct its operations prudently to ensure adequate operational fluidity and resources necessary to achieve business objectives for future growth.


Our Vision

Unique Posh recognizes that the idea of keys to success is based upon the need for focus. To establish itself as a global leader, the company must display extraordinary competence and intelligent foresight. By making the company's keys to success the corporate vision, management can ensure the success of Unique Posh.

To ensure the success of the company, management will:

  • Become the industry leader in the branded luxury and urban apparel industry.

 Eventually build a brand as "American" as Wrangler or Levis.

 Offer clothing suitable for sizes from toddler to 5XL. 

Establish and commit to "best practices" in all significant business processes, including ethical production practices, through extensive training programs, tools, measurement, and sophisticated self-assessment reporting systems.

Create, nurture, and enhance customer relationships through problem and opportunity awareness, assessment of desired goals and results, and through routines and communications that constantly reinforce target relationships.